Saturday, 15 June 2013

Anthea Turner and the crash in Daily Mail valuations

Back in July 2012, the Daily Mail brought us the story of Anthea Turner kicking out Grant Bovey from their '£5m home' in Esher, Surrey.

The couple's £5 million Surrey home, with Anthea has asked her husband of 12 years to leave

A year on and the doyenne of Daily Mail celebrity journalism, Alison Boshoff, has revisited the story as the couple prepare for divorce.  Sadly she appears to have missed the real story which is the dramatic drop in the value of the couple's Surrey home which the article tells us is now worth only £3m.  A 40% drop in less than 12 months is a massive crash in anyone's book, or could it be proof that the Mail's property valuations are as badly sourced as, well, everything else they print.
Anthea may have to put her beautiful £3million house in Surrey on the market as the couple prepare to settle their divorce

Hat tip to Venger.

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